How To Get More Done: 5 Secrets of Productive Moms

The number one question I get asked is: “How do you get so much done!” I can assure you I am not supermom, but The Lord has blessed me with the ability to productively manage my days (for the most part). Every person is given the same amount of hours each day to accomplish all the Lord has set before them. I find attitude and perspective are essential to making the most of each day, but there are 5 SECRETS I specifically use to successfully tackle the many tasks a mom must get done in any given day.

  • Wake Before the Children: This can be mighty hard when you have little ones, but I find getting up just 30 minutes before my kids allows me to collect my thoughts and prepare my heart and mind for the day. My personal goal is to be up 1.5 hours before my kids, which gives me ample time to invest in my own personal needs that I may best serve my family. Getting up so early inadvertently means I must purpose to get into the bed at a decent hour. Getting in the bed early means that I must make a point to effectively management our family evenings. This will look different for each family; but I purpose to orchestrate our evenings so that dinner is planned and prepped early, baths and family worship follows immediately after dinner, and then kids are in the bed shortly after baths.
  • Exercise Your Mind, Body, & Spirit: A mother cannot adequately take care of her family if she is not taking care of herself. Rising before my children in the morning allows me the time to exercise (uninterrupted), read the scriptures and pray, as well as read and/or research topics reflective of my current interests and needs. When we take the time to improve ourselves and keep our mind and bodies in optimum health we are more likely to have the clarity and focus to accomplish the many demands of motherhood.
  • Eat a Healthy Diet: Proper nutrition is paramount for keeping our bodies healthy. When we eat nutrient dense foods, our bodies will respond accordingly. Choosing to eat clean, Whole Foods that God created allows you to sleep better, reduces sicknesses, and drastically increases your energy levels. Eating like garbage makes you feel like garbage which in turn drastically reduces the things you can accomplish each day. Busy moms often find it hard to incorporate a healthy diet, but I find it critical for allowing me to ‘get it all done’ and well worth the effort to make it a priority in my life.
  • Have a Plan: It’s mighty difficult to get things done when you don’t know what you need to do. Having a plan, a list of tasks you need to accomplish each day will help you get more done. I keep a yearly planner which is broken up into monthly and daily tasks. I write down everything that has to be done each day and throughout the month; even if it is simple everyday tasks such as laundry. I love to be able ‘cross’ off the things I complete each day. Seeing your daily accomplishments will give you personal hope, inspiration, and encouragement that you are making the most of each day AND accomplishing the many tasks which NEED to be completed. Having a written plan will also allow you to continue to refine your schedule and to-do list so that you can get more things done.
  • Give Your Day to the Lord: Only the Lord knows what each of us can accomplish in any given day. Beginning each day with the intentions to give your day to the Lord, while trusting him to direct your steps will help to eliminate stress, allowing you to focus on the responsibilities He has entrusted you with. In my morning prayers I specifically ask the Lord to help me to accomplish all that He would have me to, and not fret about those things which I could not. Life happens, distractions are the epitome of motherhood, learning to ebb and flow with those distractions will allow you to be the most productive.

“And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men.”

Colossians 3:23 (NKJV)

Every day is a gift from the Lord. One in which we must purpose to fully use, not wasting a single moment. Motherhood can bring all sorts of caveats into our goals and plans for life, but it doesn’t have to be an excuse for ‘floating along aimlessly’. Whether you work or stay at home, God desires each of us to live each day with purpose. Creating balance and personal grace are the ultimate directives of being a productive mother. Life will happen, schedules will be ‘thrown out the window’, but having a goal, a clear plan each day makes for a happy mommy and an efficiently managed home. But, ultimately remember, God is in control and give yourself grace when your day(s) does not go as planned and your to-do list sits for days with nothing being accomplished. Simply do the best you can, love your family, and work towards the goal that God has set before you: raising your tribe to honor and bring Him glory.



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