HIIT: A Busy Mom’s Best Kept Exercise Secret

Six years ago I was 31 years old and 50 pounds overweight. I have always exercised, mostly the latest video fad workout program or running. Yet, I could never seem to get rid of all the weight before we were pregnant again. It was a very frustrating cycle and not one I really wanted to continue repeating. I knew there had to be a better way to permanently get the baby weight off and keep it off.

Now with our debt-free, one income budget, there is no way we could afford a gym membership. My husband works long hours and I really don’t like disappearing the moment he gets home to go for a long run. My only option, if I am going to exercise, is to do it at home. To make things even more complicated, we don’t have the space for huge exercise equipment like treadmills or weight machines. In my desperation to once and for all lose my excess weight, I began an intense search to find a fitness program that I could affordably do from home, fit into my crazy busy life, and that would actually work!

In comes the best health and fitness program for busy moms: HIIT, which stands for high intensity interval training. After hours of research on the internet, the Lord led me to the most amazing workout program I had ever heard of. It sounded too good to be true! The proponents claimed that I could exercise 15 minutes a day, 6 days a week and rapidly lose weight. In complete desperation, and not believing this system would remotely work, I threw caution to the wind and starting doing daily HIIT workouts. And do you know what? I actually started to lose weight!!!! It was a complete miracle!

I won’t over-exaggerate the truth here, I did decide to cut my sugar intake at this time. To my complete and utter disbelief, within three months I had lost 50 pounds!! Honestly, I was only exercising 15 minutes, 6 days a week and the only dietary change I made was to cut out my sugar, and I was actually losing weight. It was one of the greatest gifts I had ever been given and I made a commitment then, to do my best to share it with as many women as possible. That was nearly 7 years ago and I have never looked back. I have been able to maintain my HIIT exercises (altered slightly) throughout my pregnancies, which has enabled me to quickly lose the baby weight within just a few weeks of giving birth.

How I Make HIIT Fit into My Busy Life

  • I create two monthly, 15 minute HIIT exercise sequences which include half cardio and half weighted exercises (typically with dumb bells). One Sequence focuses on upper body, while the other focuses on lower body.
  • I invested in a HIIT timer which allows me to easily perform my exercises each day. You can also use an interval APP.
  • Each HIIT workout sequence is divided into 15 exercises. 50 seconds of exercise as fast as I can do them, and 10 seconds of rest or set up for next exercise. I design my workouts so that I alternate 8 ‘cardio’ (usually speed roping) exercises with 7 different weighted exercises like arm curls or squats.
  • I alternate my two HIIT workouts Monday through Friday and rest on Sundays.
  • I make a point to wake up before my children each day to get my exercising done before they are underfoot and in the way. It’s my time to focus on my health and keeping my body strong and healthy.

And that’s it, a super easy exercise system that ALL moms can fit into their busy schedules. I mean, seriously, we all can squeeze in 15 minutes to do something for ourselves to help make us stronger and healthier, so that we can better serve our families. With HIIT there is no excuse, you can easily design your exercise sequences to fit your personal fitness levels AND you don’t need expensive equipment, memberships, or huge slots of time carved out of your already busy days to exercise. A HIIT timer or app and a few dumb bells, that is all I’ve used for the past six and a half years to LOSE 50 POUNDS and keep the weight off for 4 subsequent pregnancies! Trust me when I say HIIT is the best kept exercise secret for all busy moms who desire to be fit and healthy! If I can make it work, so can you.




P.S. If you aren’t sure how to create your own HIIT sequences, I’d love to help you. Check out my services page where I share about my Health & Fitness Coaching, and simply send me an email to set up your FREE 15 minute consultation!


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