Taming the Laundry Beast!

A household of ten can generate a ton of laundry! If I don’t stay on top of things, the laundry monster can rear it’s ugly head and make life mighty difficult. No one likes to have massive amounts of laundry to wash, fold, and put away; which is why I made a commitment a long time ago to keep our family’s “laundry beast” tamed! Dirty clothes are just a part of life. There’s no sense in complaining about it. It’s just something that has to be done. I have found creating a laundry plan and sticking to it, makes keeping everyone in clean clothes a breeze.

Now I know many families, especially large families, assign laundry duty to children; and even require older children to do their own laundry. That just won’t work in our household for many reasons. The main ones include: we don’t have the space for mountains of laundry waiting for a teen to wash, I only wash FULL loads of laundry and none of my children (or adults) have that many clothes to fill a full load, and when littles ‘help’ fold clothes by themselves they are hardly folded and typically misplaced; which creates more work for me when I have to hunt for peoples clothing. With all that said I do believe children should learn to do laundry which is why I have daily laundry helpers, who can be closely supervised by yours truly.

My personal laundry plan is super easy and effective. I think all mommies across the board, whether you stay at home or work, will find that this system can easily fit into your busy lifestyle.

  1. Designate a location for 3-4 laundry bins. Divide the bins into ‘colors’, ‘lights’, ‘work’, and ‘linens’. I typically combine our colors and lights and just sort as I do the wash, therefore only needing 3 bins.
  2. Teach all family members to bring dirty clothes to the bin and sort accordingly. This is probably the hardest part of my laundry system. But, I literally teach this system from the time my kids can walk, they bring their dirty clothes to the bins. Just an aside here: There is dire consequences in our family if dirty laundry is not brought to the appropriate bins. My crew has about 4 complete outfits a piece, if they forget after too many days they will be hurting for some clean clothes, and this mama has very little sympathy, especially since I graciously do all the laundry.
  3. Do a walk through of the house on your way to start the first load of laundry each morning, especially the bathrooms, to collect any stray dirty laundry.
  4. Begin your laundry washing at the start of each day. If there is a bin full, throw it in the wash. Move it to the dryer, and start the next load if there is one. Repeat until all the laundry bins are empty. I don’t typically do a load of laundry unless it is a full load; which isn’t usually hard to come by with our large crew, lol.
  5. I save the folding for all at once, usually towards the end of the day. After the laundry is folded it is past out to those who can put it away while the remaining I put it away. THE LAUNDRY IS NOT DONE UNLESS IT IS PUT AWAY!

With this system I usually end up with two days of no laundry, YEAH! And, on the days I do laundry it’s rarely more than three loads, typically just two loads.  I know some folks prefer to do all their laundry on one day; this just doesn’t work for me for 1. I don’t want to spend HOURS folding and putting away laundry on just one day, I’d rather do a little each day. AND 2. We simply don’t have that many clothes to wait until one day a week to wash our dirty clothes.

Taming the laundry beast is super easy when you have a plan and stick to it. Dirty clothes doesn’t have to be a ‘dirty word’, lol. Just look at it like you would brushing your teeth or eating; you wouldn’t skip doing either of those each day. What you purpose to do daily becomes a habit and second nature. After a while it simply becomes an automatic system which makes your life easier and creates peace within your household. Start today with a laundry plan and no longer stress about keeping your family in clean clothes.



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  1. Lindsey Ashworth says: Reply

    Great suggestions! I’ve definitely got to get a better system going to tame my laundry beast! My teenage daughters do a good deal of the household chores because I work so much but our system we have in place for maintaining the laundry could definitely be improved!

    1. What a blessing that your daughters help so much!

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