Modern Mommy Minimalist

We all make choices each day: who we will spend our time with, where we will spend our days, and what we’ll spend our days doing. We only get one chance each day to make it count. We can either spend it with the people we love doing the things God has called us to, or we can choose the opposite direction. Much of the time we feel we have no choice, but to choose the latter; I can assure you there is another option available.

Money is often used as an excuse to prevent us from doing what we want. But, what exactly is money used for- mostly to buy things. Believe it or not there are many folks choosing to purposefully live an alternate lifestyle. One that does not include excessive amounts of possessions, where minimal amount of money is actually needed. These visionaries are reducing their earthly possessions and replacing them with memory making opportunities. A gift that truly has no value.

In reality we really only need a minimal amount of things to thrive this side of heaven. Even babies and children can do without the excessiveness we’ve convinced ourselves they need. As modern day mommies our roll is still includes managing our homes. But at the same time it should be our intentions to streamline our home management requirements in exchange for more time doing the things we want with the ones we love. To best facilitate this change of focus each mommy should transition into a Modern Mommy Minimalist. The process to becoming a Modern Mommy Minimalist can truly be simple and effortless with the following tips.

  1. Pray and ask God to give you discernment as to what things are essential in your home whether you already own them or if they are a future purchase. Never buy on impulse, shop with a list and only purchase those items on the list.
  2. Be in a constant state of purging. I tackle one room a month, in a continuous cycle of ridding our home of things which are broken, worn out, not used, as well as reducing any items which are multiples.
  3. Avoid sales and couponing unless it is for items you purchase regularly or plan to buy in the future. Many folks find themselves in the trap of sales and coupons to the extent that they accumulate things which they do not use or need.
  4. Limit the amount of household necessities you purchase. These items may include: towels, dishes, bakeware, cleaning supplies, toiletries, food, and even personal clothing and shoes. Yes, we need these things, but how much is actually essential for a healthy lifestyle where our personal belongings do not consume us?
  5. Stop comparing yourselves and your family to the ‘Jones’s’. Our wants in this life should never be compared to others. If you desire to spend more time BEING with your family instead of working outside the home or simply managing your home; then it’s times to reduce those ‘things’ which distract you from accomplishing your goals. But first you must recognize that your life, most likely, will not resemble your neighbors, friends, or the majority of society.

The pursuit of being a Modern Mommy Minimalist is a continuous process. It is one that actually lasts a lifetime. No one ever says on their death bed they wished they’d spent less time with their family or less time experiencing the beautiful creation God gave us. Most people would love a second chance to do life over with the intentions to live more, but most of all LOVE more. Love is a verb, it’s something we do for others, but more importantly what we do WITH others. Yes, our homes must be maintained and we have to make money to pay for the essentials, but we can minimize our monetary needs by reducing the clutter in our lives. These 5 simple steps may seem to easy, but they are a critical launching point to the freedom of pursuing the life you always desired. A life that includes more memories and less distractions.



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