25 Days of Elf On the Shelf For Busy Moms

Christmas is almost here! Ok, its about a month away, but for us, the Christmas season begins on December 1st. On the first day of December we begin our Advent lessons, reading our Christmas storybooks, and our little Elf on the shelf: Edwina arrives with her sidekick Ralph the reindeer. This year my husband is actually surprising the kiddos with a new addition to our Elf on the Shelf tradition with an elf puppy who doesn’t have a name yet. (Yes, my husband is a sucker for all our corny traditions too, lol) Keep reading until the end to receive our FREE Elf on the Shelf ‘Hello’ and ‘Farewell’ letters!

We’ve never told our children that Santa or our little elf friends are real. We simply share that they are a fun ‘game’ to play during the Christmas season. Our Elf on the Shelf tradition is basically a fun treasure hunt for our children to wake up to each morning. I’ve actually come up with 25 daily hiding spots that we use every year. The older children typically remember and know where to look, but they enjoy helping the little ones search for Edwina and Ralph each day leading to Christmas.

Just like most of you, I’m a super busy mom who doesn’t have time to hide our elf friends with elaborate, complicated Elf on the Shelf antics. So I’ve come up with 25 simple, yet fun adventures for my kiddos to go on each morning in search of our little Christmas visitors.

25 Days of Elf on the Shelf For Busy Moms

  1. Arrival with ‘Hello Letter’, donuts, Elf on the Shelf books, and movie
  2. Hanging on a ceiling fan
  3. Sitting in a shoe train of a pair of shoes from each child
  4. Sitting on a bucket of dumped out dirty clothes
  5. Hanging on some curtains
  6. Toilet paper the Christmas Tree
  7. Toothpaste message on bathroom countertop
  8. In a kitchen cupboard
  9. In the fridge
  10. Sitting on a pile of ornaments taken off of tree
  11. Throw out tissues from a box of tissues
  12. Dump out doggie treats
  13. In the silverware drawer
  14. Making flour angels on counter with dumped out flour
  15. Set up and playing with nativity
  16. Sitting in a pile of wadded up paper in ‘school room’ or other room
  17. Dumped out movies
  18. Coloring in  coloring books
  19. Playing a board game
  20. Toilet paper tower in bathroom
  21. Candy cane hunt (hide a box of candy canes and leave a note for kiddos to find the candy canes throughout the house)
  22. In the Christmas Stockings
  23. Reading a Christmas Story book sitting on the sofa
  24. Making a card tent village with Christmas cards
  25. ‘Farewell letter’

Creating memorable traditions with children doesn’t have to be complicated. Busy mom’s CAN make the Christmas season extra special with simple little activities that children will cherish and remember for a lifetime. The Elf on the Shelf tradition can be as extravagant or as simple as you make it. Don’t miss out on the fun of these little elf visitors, because you think it takes too much time and effort to implement. It typically takes me less than 5 minutes to hide our Christmas visitors ;and the time it takes is well worth the excitement of watching my children hunt for them every morning leading to Christmas Day!




P.S. To help make your Elf on the Shelf tradition even more easier, I am sharing a set of FREE letters. One to use on the first day your elf and friends arrive and one to use on the day they return home. Simply download the PDF and use along side your Elf on the Shelf activities. I hope they’ll add that personal touch to make your Christmas tradition even more memorable.

Elf on the Shelf ‘Hello’ Letter

Elf on the Shelf ‘Farewell’ Letter

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