Perks of the Year Round Homeschool Schedule

When you begin homeschooling there are an array of different aspects to review and evaluate.  Not to mention all the normal every day mommy responsibilities that must be continually addressed. All these crazy dynamics can quickly overshadow the joy of homeschooling. The days can seem long and overwhelming with the weight of wanting to ‘do it all’. But, in reality the load is too great and impossible to achieve while working in the parameters of the traditional academic school year. Which is why I highly encourage the year round homeschool schedule.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with the many demands of motherhood and homemaking without homeschooling. Add in homeschooling and it’s a certain recipe for a mommy overload. Many mothers are quick to recreate the only academic system which they know once they start homeschooling: the public school system. And so begins the massive overload of schoolwork, extracurriculars, and general life demands. This system is broken, and will NOT work within the home setting. Give yourself a break mamas and ditch the system. Trade it for a nontraditional academic program rich in family and the treasures this world offers. There’s so much to see and experience outside the classroom, which gives children a solid background to launch them into any career field their hearts desire.

With this nontraditional way of thinking homeschooling no longer looks like something we do each day for so many hours, but an extension of our lives. Instead of only recognizing ‘school’ as what happens when working through workbooks and textbooks sitting at a table; acknowledge it as something we do from the moment we are born until the moment we enter the gates of heaven. Learning happens 7 days a week and 365 days a year.  It is a privilege and gift from the Lord. People, especially children, are in a constant state of learning. Give them the opportunity to explore, listen to their interests and help them soar through the world of academics.

I agree that there is a time and place for traditional school texts and even workbooks, but they should never be the sole source of learning for children. It has been proven time and again that children learn best through hands-on lessons, preferable self-driven by their own initiative. As a homeschooling mother we would be wise to sit back and be simple observers; even helping to create and spark our children interests with as many ‘learning outside the box’ opportunities as possible. All the seasons throughout the year can be used as a learning platform for children. When we limit the academic year to just a few months and only to that which can be taught in a classroom; we are gravely limiting their options for true academics.

Once your academic platform is rooted in viewing homeschool as an extension of each and every day; it’s easy to see why a year round homeschool is the best option for fulfilling the many demands of life AND educating our children.

Top 5 Reasons Why We Homeschool Year Round

  1. Access to all the seasons to fully incorporate ‘outside the box’ learning experiences through field trips and hands-on learning.
  2. Reduced hours spent schooling each day so that normal, every day activities can still be accomplished (like house cleaning and doctor appointments).
  3. Relaxed holidays. Focus on academics can be traded for family festivities and truly enjoying the special season instead of  the drowning in the weight of school work.
  4. Easier to plan for sicknesses and unexpected distractions. Sicknesses are going to happen and unfortunately so will other life-altering events. With a year round homeschool schedule it’s easier to take off ‘school’ for those seasons of life.
  5. Children have the time to be children. Their days should never be consumed with boring structured academics. They should be free to explore and enjoy their childhood. Adulthood and rigid schedules will be apart of their every day norm before they know it. Why not let them enjoy the freedom of adolescents to it’s fullest?

I could continue on and on in regards to the many reasons we love the year round homeschool schedule. It just works for our family as does the nontraditional approach to homeschooling. I realize the year round nontraditional homeschool platform may or may not work for each family; but, the most important goal for each homeschool mom should be finding the balance which will allow her to find the true joy in homeschooling. The days are long, but the years are so very short. Don’t waste them overwhelmed and bogged down with too much book work. Enjoy the time you have with your children, it truly is a special gift from the Lord.




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