5 Easy Steps to Thrive Not Just Survive with a Newborn

With just having a baby, I am acutely aware of the struggles that can arise with trying to get back into a heathy rhythm of normalcy, especially when there are so many new dynamics to incorporate. Fortunately, This isn’t my first ‘rodeo’ and I have learned some key principles which help to get my days back on track fairly quickly. Having a newborn baby can easily be an overwhelming experience for any mama, especially a first time mother. But, it doesn’t have to be; by implementing the five following SIMPLE steps you can easily go from surviving to thriving ~ allowing you to thoroughly enjoy this season of life!

  1. Make Rest a Priority: It’s a Marathon not a Sprint ~ Many times new moms are told to sleep when baby sleeps, which is ideal the first week or two, but not really practical as the weeks progress. I find simply making a point for an early bedtime and a later morning wake time to be sufficient. In other words no late nights of trying to play catch-up. Do what you can during the day but when bedtime comes, shut it down and let it go until the next day. Your rest is the most important aspect right now especially as your body heals from giving birth and adjusts to meeting the needs of another human being.
  2. Fuel Your Body ~ Hopefully you were already purposing to maintain a healthy diet throughout your pregnancy, but now, even more; your body needs fuel from nutrient dense foods to properly heal and sustain you through the often exhausting process of caring for a newborn. The best foods for this season of life is lean protein, healthy fats, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget plenty of water. I find drinking at least 8oz of water every time baby eats helps me to get the necessary hydration I need each day.
  3. Move Your Body ~ Every childbirth has its own effects on each mother and only you know how much you can do each day after delivery and in the weeks following. I caution every mama to listen to their bodies and not to begin any exercise regiment until you are physically ready. But, do NOT let motherhood be an excuse NOT to exercise. Going for short walks is good for you and the baby, slowly add in more exercise as you feel ready or are cleared to do so by your physician. While exercise can quickly be put to the back burner for new moms, I plead with you to commit to some moderate form of exercise as soon as possible. Your body will thank you with copious amounts of strength and energy to sustain you through the many demands of motherhood during the newborn stage and beyond!
  4. Delegate & Communicate ~ More times than not, having a baby involves more than just mom. Make sure you are communicating your needs to your partner, extended family, and friends. Many times people want to help new mothers, but they simply don’t know what to do. Now is not the time to be overly independent or shy with sharing what you need. I find recognizing the blessing of family unity and involvement helps to make for an easier transition back to normalcy. And with the assistance of family and friends you will be creating a most favorable platform for you to succeed as a new mama.
  5. Establish a Heathy & Practical Routine for You and Baby ~ A healthy routine is essential for thriving as a new mom. Please don’t confuse a schedule with a routine. A schedule says something is done at a set time while a routine simply denotes an order of events. Many people would never dream of scheduling their babies, and that’s perfectly fine; but a routine helps to establish order within your day allowing you to accomplish more. Make a list of the tasks you need to tackle each day and then designate a practical time during your day for them to be completed. For instance, each day I would like to take a shower. I plan my daily showers to be taken after my daughter’s first feeding of the day which would be between 7am and 8am.

Having a new baby is a wonderful gift from God. Remember to give yourself grace and to take each day as they come, slowly adjusting to your new life as a mom of a newborn. Life will eventually resume back to a NEW normal. These newborn baby days will quickly pass. You’ll soon forget how crazy and sleep deprived life was, because you’ll be so enamored with all the wonderful milestones your precious bundle of joy is rapidly achieving. But, remember if you’re struggling through the newborn baby days, you can quickly change that by implementing the 5 Easy Steps to Thrive Not Just Survive With a Newborn! So to all the new mamas reading this congratulations on your little blessing, and remember you’ve got this!




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