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From the first time you see that positive pregnancy test, the anxiety begins.

“What will motherhood be like?”

To the first time you lay eyes on your precious bundle of joy.

“How am I going to raise this little treasure in our broken, sinful world?”

The questions begin, they are never ending. The answers are not always easy to find or what we want to hear. Navigating motherhood and raising children is not for the faint of heart. It takes love, commitment, and dedication. It takes a woman sold out to being the best she can be for God, her spouse, her children, and herself. The road may be bumpy and full of unknowns, but with the right resources and connections motherhood can be a beautiful adventure.

Modern Mommy Mentor is here to be your personal Mentor, Advisor, and Coach as you purpose to live intentionally throughout the many seasons of motherhood

Mommy Mentoring:

I have been a mother for 17 years and have birthed 8 babies (soon to be 9). I have experienced nearly every kind of delivery possible from scheduled inductions, emergency c-sections, epidurals, natural delivery, etc. I have breastfed and bottle-fed including making homemade formula for a highly food-sensitive baby. I have spent the past 17 years purposing to raise children with a biblical world-view. While I may not be a perfect mother, I have years of motherhood experience; it would be my delight and pleasure to use this god-given wisdom to help you traverse the many trials and triumphs of motherhood.

  • Pregnancy & Childbirth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Sleep Training
  • Character Training
  • Potty Training

Homeschool Advisor:

I have been homeschooling for 13 years. My oldest is currently completing his senior year. I have homeschooled through many seasons of life and have learned to adapt and flow through an array of family dynamics. I have used many different forms of homeschooling techniques from the unschooling approach to the traditional textbook method. I have personally experienced the blessings of a multi-system homeschool program of educating my children. I thoroughly enjoy researching and creating homeschool plans to help families succeed in their pursuit of educating their children.

  • Homeschool Planning
  • Homeschool Organizing
  • Homeschool Prioritizing
  • Homeschool Implementation (with emphases on large families and multi-age levels)

Fitness & Nutrition Coaching:

I have personally created two amazing fitness & health programs that I have personally used to lose 50 pounds and keep the weight off through 4 pregnancies. I have discovered the secret of losing weight and keeping the weight off through methods that are affordable and easily adaptable into a busy Modern Mommy’s life. Optimum health CAN be achieved and maintained throughout all seasons of motherhood including pregnancy and breastfeeding. I love creating personally tailored health plans for Modern Mommies through custom meal plans and personal 15 minute workouts!

  • Modern Mommy Fitness (coming soon!)
  • Modern Mommy Fit Pregnancy (coming soon!)
  • Nutrition & Supplement Advising
  • Custom Meal Planning
  • Personal Exercise Coaching

How do I work with my clients?

Over the phone, via Skype or FaceTime, and in person.

Contact me to schedule a 15-20 minute call to discuss your needs and my style as well as the Modern Mommy Mentor package options.

Love & hope for the Modern Mommy seeking

wisdom, encouragement & support